Motor Neuroscience and Neurorehabilitation Laboratory

University of Houston


Our research focuses on 1) understanding neurophysiological mechanisms underlying deficient motor control and learning in healthy older adults and individuals with neurological diseases such as stroke, spinal cord injury, and cerebral palsy, 2) developing novel rehabilitation tools and protocols for improving their functional motor control with emphasis on walking and balance, and 3) identifying behavioral and neural changes in response to rehabilitative interventions that we develop.

Our research combines behavioral and neurophysiological data analysis techniques with data collection methods including behavioral measures of force control and movement, wireless high-density electromyography (EMG), and wireless high-density electroencephalography (EEG).  Our lab also equips a biphasic constant current stimulator, a pressure sensitive walkway, an instrumented treadmill, and a Biodex isokinetic system. In addition, we have a specialized treadmill to apply external perturbation while the patients is walking or standing to improve their walking and dynamic balance.

Major Equipment

Motor Control Station

Our motor control station is to identify underlying neurophysiological mechanisms of impaired motor control and learning in healthy older adults and diseased humans (stroke; spinal cord injury).

Lower-limb Motor Control

Upper-limb Motor Control

Tongue Motor Control

Perturbation-based Locomotor Training Station

A specialized treadmill system is equipped to apply postural perturbation in the mediolateral and anteroposterior directions while walking or standing to improve walking and dynamic balance in stroke patients and people with spinal cord injury

Overground Walking Station

A gait mat (GAITRite) is equipped to measure overground gait parameters.

Instrumented Treadmill Station

A split-belt instrumented treadmill (Bertec) is equipped.

3D Motion Tracking System

Xsens MVN Awinda (3D motion tracking system) and MVN Analyze Pro are equipped to capture and analyze full-body movements.

3D Finger Tracking System

Xsens Metagloves by Manus is equipped to capture finger movements. Metaglove finger data are integrated with the Xsens full-body data.

Electrical Stimulator

A DS8R Biphasic Cosntant Current Stimulator is equipped to apply transcutaneous electrical stimulation to spinal cord and muscles. 

Wireless EMG Sensors

Delsys Trigno Avanti Sensors are equipped to collect surface EMG and IMU measurements.

Wireless Decomposition EMG Sensors 

Delsys Trigno Galileo Sensors are equipped to extract motor unit data.

High-density Surface EMG Sensor

A Delsys Trigno Maize Sensor is equipped to extract motor unit data during dynamic movements.


Finger Tapper

Skinford Caliper